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    Debunking the Leadership Myth

    Do your Sixth Formers consider themselves to be leaders?

    This 3-part programme provides Sixth Formers with no-nonsense, practical ways to embrace a leadership mindset, in school and in life. From ‘All leaders are outgoing and charismatic’, to ‘Leaders never fail’, The Unreasonables demystifies common misconceptions, and exposes the truth that leadership is in fact accessible to us all.


    Expect real-life stories, proven leadership theories and lively discussion – as well as young entrepreneur guest speakers, who share their exceptional stories of embracing leadership.


    Turning student managers into student leaders...

    This 3-part programme for student leaders begins the transition from top-down change to bottom-up, ensuring that your Prefect Team have a lasting legacy and are key contributors to your school’s culture of leadership: a culture enabling innovation, responsibility, and collaboration between students and staff.


    Your Prefects will become a group of young people who fully grasp the nature and value of leadership, and measure their success in the number of leaders they create, not the number of followers they have.

    Unreasonable Voices

    Is your School Council a talking shop, or is it an energising catalyst for positive change?

    School Council members (from Year 7 to Year 13) have a unique opportunity to inform the culture, character and brand of their school, in ways large and small. To make this a reality, they’ll need to embrace their roles, hone new skills, and learn leadership strategies to make change happen.


    In other words, they’ll need a touch of the Unreasonable about them! This 2-part programme will support them in becoming a School Council that is truly the voice of the school.

    The Unreasonable Teacher Academy

    Creating beacons of leadership in your school...

    Do you have a couple of teachers in your common room who are ripe for significant professional development? The Unreasonable Teacher Academy welcomes such staff into a community of like-minded and aspirational educationalists, and takes them on a journey of leadership learning and rapid growth. Learning alongside teachers from other leading schools across the UK, the year-long Academy gives them the skills, knowledge and experience to play an essential role in empowering students and fellow staff members to take on the challenge of leadership.


    The Academy combines innovative external training days with school-based projects, and culminates in your Unreasonable Teachers delivering a leadership training session to your full common room.