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    Who Are We?

     We're a team of "unreasonable", sharp and experienced young adults, passionate about helping pupils become leaders

    What Do We Do?

    We create cultures of leadership across the UK's most ambitious schools through the delivery of inspirational programmes

    Where Are We?

    Our offices are based in Shoreditch and we work with teachers, pupils and parents at over 35 of the UK's most ambitious schools

  • Welcome from our Founder

    Welcome to The Unreasonables!

    We pride ourselves on being unlike any other leadership organisation in the world. We aren’t a mechanical group of people who develop educational programmes in a bubble and then churn them out by the hundred. Instead, we are partnered with a small group of some of the country’s most ambitious schools, and deliver programmes that are developed by our group of inspirational, entrepreneurial and impressive young men and women.

    We want your pupils to lead themselves to a future of their own making and, whilst not jostling them towards entrepreneurship, we believe that entrepreneurship and leadership are intricately linked. Pupils may have no interest in “business”, but the leading doctors, lawyers, politicians and artists of this world are all incredibly entrepreneurial – they all use what we call the “Entrepreneurial Frame” to move to the forefront of their professions, whereby they see opportunities and take risks to realise rewards. We help pupils develop this ability.

    We’d love to speak with you to see how we can support your pupils and your school. We’re here to help ensure that your boys and girls are ready for the complex, competitive and exciting world that lies beyond the school gates.

    Do pick up the phone if you have any questions.

    With best wishes,


    Duncan Piper


  • Our Philosophy of Leadership

    Here at The Unreasonables, we believe that leadership is a process, not a state...

  • Charity Partners

    The Unreasonables is proud to support the two charities below...

  • Testimonials

    This is what they're saying...

    “Dynamic and truly inspirational…I’d recommend The Unreasonables unreservedly.”

    Genevieve Ford, Deputy Head
    Downe House School

    “The quality of delivery as well as the content was simply outstanding.”

    Keren Pollock, Head of Sixth Form
    The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School

    “The boys were universally positive about the afternoon and recommended The Unreasonables for future year groups.”

    Joe Spence, Master

    Dulwich College

    “A truly impressive day! The students were as excited and engaged at 4.00pm as they were at 10.00am.”

    Kate Bainbridge, Head of Sixth Form
    Emanuel School

  • Inspiration

    So, how did this all come about?

    In 2008, half way through my undergraduate degree, I received an email from my former Deputy Headmistress. Could I pop over, she asked, to explain to her new Head Girl and prefects what on earth being a student leader was all about, how to make the most of the opportunity and how to avoid the deepest pot-holes? I had been Head of School in my final year at Highgate and was deemed a suitable candidate. Happily, I got on a train to do just that.

    That day spawned an idea – perhaps it wasn’t just her girls that would benefit from some support in their leadership development? And so The Unreasonables was born. It aimed to ensure that Prefect systems offered an invaluable experience for the young people involved and that they could become one of the greatest assets of any school.

    On finishing my degree, The Unreasonables was put on hold as I took a leap into the corporate world to join the world’s largest consumer goods company, Procter & Gamble, on their Graduate Leadership Programme. But after two years, I decided that a return to education was inevitable – I wanted to ensure that young people were better prepared for what awaits them beyond their formal education.

    This want led me back to The Unreasonables – an organisation that has rapidly broadened its remit to aid all young people to take advantage of each opportunity that comes their way, and to empower them to lead themselves to a future of their own making.

    Duncan Piper, founder of The Unreasonables